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Doctors that join David Singer Enterprises do so for various reasons. Perhaps you're an MD and want us to help you bring this cutting-edge treatment, human cellular tissue products, to your practice. Perhaps you are already performing human cellular tissue products treatments but you want to take it to the next level.

David Singer Enterprises provides you with access to a powerful team that includes Marketing, Sales and Staff Management experts along with a Medical Advisory Board to help with the latest protocols for the best possible patient outcomes.

No matter what stage you are in, we've created a comprehensive program that will walk you through the process and help you reach your goal of having a very successful regenerative practice.

We urge you to try one of our free weekly webinars and find out for yourself how to add cash services to your medical practice, increase your profits and get more free time to enjoy life. These tools have worked for hundreds and hundreds of other doctors.... why not you, too?

See below for more information on what the Dr. David Singer Medical Integration Program actually entails:


Practice Analysis — We Examine Your Practice to Learn Where You Are At and What's Needed

To help guide you through this process, we will analyze, with you, your practice, determine what you already have in place, what you are looking to add and what you need. We will then lay out a plan for you to get there. We also need to determine if you wish to bill cash, insurance or a hybrid. This will affect the services you can deliver and the qualifications of the staff you will hire.


Legal — Create the Proper Legal Structure

Our program includes guiding you through the entire legal process. We help you understand how to comply with and operate within all State and Federal guidelines. We will introduce you to a lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in the types of services that you will be adding. The guesswork has been removed so that you don't waste time and significant money figuring out how to become compliant in your state.


Hiring — Attract and Hire an Qualified Medical Provider and Support Team

A medical provider is necessary to deliver these services. We provide methods to find the staff, train you how to choose them as well as giving suggested pay and hours they should work specifically for your needs to keep your overhead low. In some cases, we even have medical providers that can travel once a month to your clinic to stand in until you are able to hire the perfect provider of your own.


Training and Medical Protocols — Effectively Train the Medical Provider

Once your clinical staff needs are in order, you will begin training your insurance staff on the coding and billing with the use of our insurance manual, webinars and video training. Your office staff need to be trained on your added new office procedures, billing and support.

The medical provider may also need to learn the specific treatments that will be delivered. We have a tissue bank partner with a team of medical doctors that hold weekend training programs at the University of South Florida Medical School (for a modest fee) that you can send your medical provider to for training. This same partner can also send a medical provider to your clinic (Also for a fee) to train you and your staff. The benefit of training in your office is the services your medical provider performs under the trainers supervision can be charged to patients. As a result, you should be able to pay the cost of the training as well as have a net profit between $10,000 and $45,000.


Tissue and Supplies — Stock Up on Everything Needed to Perform the Treatments

We will introduce you to vetted labs and suppliers so that you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best organizations to help you be successful without having to invest large portions of your time researching. The right lab and the right suppliers play a significant role in your success and keep you out of trouble.


Sales — Properly Train the Case Management Team

You and your case management team will go through our Sales Mastery Program. This program teaches and drills you and your team on how to educate patients successfully so that they see the value in and want to undergo your treatments. You will be given access to a professionally shot educational video for patients that, when viewed, increases the close rate substantially. This high production video is included in your program.

We will help you come up with treatment packages that help get better results for your patients as well as increased revenue for the clinic. Patient financing options will be provided to make it affordable for most people that don't have insurance or can't afford to pay cash in full.


Marketing — Market Effectively To Acquire New Patients

Internal Marketing:
We have you begin marketing within your practice to existing patients. Your internal marketing will include emails we will give you to send your active and inactive patients as well as templates for flyers, posters, pop-up displays to put in your office and much more. You will be given an in-office workshop PowerPoint and marketing methods to fill those lectures up and sign up prospective patients.

Once your internal marketing shows you know how to successfully present, educate and close patients for your services then we will begin external marketing.

Note: If you have a start up practice with little or no existing patients we will begin with external marketing. Also, if you have a specialized practice like personal injury we may also skip internal marketing and jump directly into external methods.

External Marketing:
When COVID-19 hit we switched to in-office marketing. However many of our clients are currently doing marketing that may include seminars you would do at senior centers, veteran's associations, support groups, etc.

If lectures are either not appropriate because of the area you are in, your dislike of lecturing or, due to the pandemic, people are not going to attend lectures, there are plenty of other marketing options to generate new patients directly to your office.


Insurance Reimbursement — Discover What Services Can Be Added That You Can Bill Insurance & How To Do This

For the most part Human Cellular Tissue Products are not covered by insurance but there are some sepcific scenarios that will allow for insurance reimbursement. David Singer Enterprises is constantly keeping up to date on what the latest is with regards to this and can help your practice make getting treatment more accesible for your patients thanks to insurance.


Practice Management — Learn the Tools to Become a Strong Leader and Organize Your Business

Running a successful practice requires a lot of different areas all working together. An effective leader is needed to run the show and keep the practice running smoothly. Our Office Management Made Easy program will teach you how to be the ideal leader of your practice and how to implement simple management strategies that will help distribute the workload of the practice, to everyone who works there. You will also learn how to manage with statistics, how to expertly correct bad behavior and reward your employees when they perform their duties well.


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