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Medical Cash Integration Advanced Training Program


Regenerative Medicine is the future of healthcare. The results patients have had from stem cell and PRP treatment are nothing short of amazing. When people see the results that can be had from these drug-free, non-surgical treatments they tend to do everything they can to get treated themselves. On top of that, insurance companies don't cover regenerative medicine which makes it a cash-only service and ideal to integrate into your office.

With our Medical Cash Integration training program you can learn every step to get regenerative medicine integrated in your clinic. The program includes four main parts:

We have extensive training on all these parts available to our clients through live trainings, interactive webinars, an extensive online resource center and one-on-one consulting. There's a lot that needs to happen to get integrated and we have you covered every step of the way.

Sales Mastery Advanced Training Program

To be able to effectively sell cash services your office will need to have a world class team to be able to educate potential patients on the services you have, how they will help them, why they are not covered by insurance and get them to feel good about paying for these services out of their own pocket.

Your team must be experts at doing this. They will need to be trained and have all of the tools that make this possible. We have put together a program that will get you and your team to be able to close a high percentage of people coming into your office.

If you have ever heard of other offices making the kind of money you would like to make in cash services, it is because they are or they have highly skilled care providers who are comfortable, and good at getting people to want to start care.

Regenerative Medicine Marketing Optimization Advanced Training Program

The purpose of the Regenerative Medicine Marketing Optimization Advanced Training Program is to flood your office with patients seeking natural treatment for their ailments by means of Stem Cell and/or PRP. We want you to get the optimum results from any advertising designed to fill up lectures. We will train you, or anyone who works for you, for the period of one year. This includes having the highest number of people who register for a workshop to show up. How to get those who show up along with their guests to schedule to come to your clinic at the end of the workshop.

The training for you and your staff will cover how to:

  • Get referrals.
  • Do workshops.
  • Presell your treatment to patients when you are two weeks from opening.
  • Lecture on this subject in your office and/or your community prior to spending money on advertising.
  • Do pain relief programs at numerous venues, including cross-fit locations, health fairs, etc.

All of these marketing strategies that are taught can be augments for use on other treatments and services as well, but our materials are custom designed to work specifically for regenerative medicine.

Office Management Made Easy Advanced Training Program

There are several purposes intended for this program. The first is to help you implement some simple management strategies, that will help distribute the workload of the practice, to everyone who works there.

We also want everyone in the practice to be able to do his or her job effectively and efficiently, with minimal follow up needed to ensure accuracy.

Another reason we are excited you are doing this program, is to show you a simple, yet effective, way to successfully add additional programs to your office. All of us have been excited about starting or adding services to our practices, only to get bogged down trying to get it started or never see it become the successful venture we had hoped for. We have found that one of the biggest reasons this happens, is because the doctor or their staff got the idea, liked it, wanted to do it, but didn't fully understand the steps needed, to make it go right. Not knowing each step may either prevent them from not doing well, or in some cases, not even getting started.

Other things you will learn include:

  • What statistics to track and how to fix any that are down
  • How to effectively train your staff and on what
  • Two secrets to greater production from your employees
  • How to expertly correct bad behavior
  • and much, much more

How to Sell and Deliver Weight Loss Advanced Training Program

Learn how to promote, sell and deliver weight loss programs. This sales program works with any weight loss program so if you have one already, no need to change. If you don't have a weight loss program, we'll help with that, too!

Program Includes 1 Year of: