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Why is there a necessity to implement the Four Day Report of Findings?

The Four Day Report of Findings came out of Dr Singer's personal experience of being constantly rejected, and constantly misunderstood by the people he dealt with.

Like you, Dr Singer did not consider himself a bad communicator: "I would sit there, look them in the eye and say, 'Now listen, when your symptoms are gone, the blockage that caused it will remain. Therefore, you will need to come in and receive treatments after the symptoms have departed. Because if we do not fix what caused it, it will return. Does that make sense?' Typically, the person would agree that it did make sense, but then they would drop out of care. I was dumbfounded about this. This is what is in the patient’s head: ‘no symptoms equals health,’ or ‘no symptoms equals no problem.’ "

It was then that Dr Singer discovered there is a system to educate a patient. That system is called the Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings!

How do you implement it? You set a date, you rehearse it, you practice it until you have it down solid! That is what these flash cards will help you achieve . . . to become a black belt of patient management and a success in your practice and life!

This product comes with a PDF version on a CD to use on any computer, as well as spiral-bound flash cards with easy to find tabs for Day One, Two, Three and Four.

It's perfect for training you and any of your staff on each and every minute step of the Four Day Report of Findings! Now you can master the art and skill of every step of Dr. Singer's Revolutionary Four Day Report of Findings by using these effective flash cards.

Train yourself and any staff member on what to do when for each step of the Four Day Report.

The result: An efficiently trained staff who know the Four Day Report COLD!


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