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New Version. Completely updated with all current procedures as taught by Dr David Singer.

Learn Dr. Singer’s Four Day Report of Findings with this Audio/Visual product containing both DVD and Audio CD training, showing you first-hand, how Dr. Singer handles patient’s health and financial concerns so that patients not only request corrective care, but they are also willing to pay for it out of pocket if needed! Also included is a manual with the necessary information that you’ll need to know to become a master of Patient Education and Retention.

Raise your patient retention and have happy, healthy patients, committing to long-term care, using this exact technology, available only from David Singer Enterprises.

  • What is it worth to have life restored to a person who is drowning?
  • What is it worth to have a person become free from pain instead of spending his or her life suffering?

We have the only healing art that can allow a person to not only regain but also maintain their health. In essence, no dollar value can be set for one of the most priceless things on earth – the privilege of having a body which functions at 100%.

Money and related subjects tend to be areas where most people have some emotional feelings or upset. Almost all people have a natural tendency to refuse to spend money on anything they do not feel is worthwhile. For someone to spend money, they must truly feel that there is something they can gain as a tangible benefit, or a negative factor that can be removed. It is no wonder then, that when a person’s finances are tight, he first removes from his own personal economics those things he does not consider to be necessities. And oddly enough, this often includes their health.

Understanding patients is what I have mastered and I want you to also know this powerful technology!

~ Dr. David Singer, D.C.

This complete training kit is suitable for all Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and wellness-oriented, natural healthcare professionals and contains the following:

1. All new manual covering topics such as:

  • An article on the "History of the Four Day Report of Findings"
  • Detailed instructions for the doctor and any assistant on each step, day by day, of the ROF.
  • A practical explanation and understanding of the Brain Body / Chi Body Diagrams
  • How to present and close the patient on your treatment plan.
  • A documented article by Dr Singer demystifying Pre-paid Treatment Plans, and
  • A unique question and answer transcript with Dr Singer and his closest clients concerning many unique aspects of the Four Day Report discussed nowhere else!

2. Brand new DVDs of Dr Singer doing a complete Report of Findings front start to finish:

Disc One: How to do a complete and thorough initial consultation.

This is the crux of the Four Day Report. A properly done Day One, as Dr Singer teaches you to do it, will result in a committed patient under your care. Just about every failure along any step of the Four Day Report can be traced back to some part of the Initial Consultation not being done exactly right.

Disc Two: The Vital Necessity of Patient Education and the Patient Progress Graph

  • How to explain (using the Brain Body Diagram and the Chi Body Diagram) Chiropractic or Acupuncture to the new patient so they truly understand what you do and why it handles the cause of their health problems.
  • How to get the concepts of relief care vs. corrective care across to the new patient so they demand corrective care from you.
  • How to explain the Patient Progress Graph to the patient so they understand the idea of how you will track their progress through relief, correction and transitioning into maintenance care.

Disc Three: The close!

How to get a patient to choose corrective care, pay cash for it if necessary and to prepay for your treatment plan.

3. A BONUS DVD containing a professionally filmed, live demonstration of Day 1 through 4 on a new person.

4. Audio CDs of the entire Day 1 through 4 process to conveniently listen to and review when you are not at a DVD player or computer.


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